Marefat Ideology

“Set of fundamental questions about Marefat school”

What is your belief or religion?

We believe in anything getting us closer to our God, which can be a plant, stone, human or any magnificence observed in creation.

How do you know that you are getting closer to your God?

Getting close to God, will create the love in the Gnostic's heart towards everything and everyone. When you feel love for everyone and everything, God exists in your heart.

What about God himself?

For us, the humans, knowing and having God, might be an illusion. There are many people who create God based on their illusions then follow his command which may even lead them to kill or hurt someone. Anyone who allows their illusion to command them, is more possibly a devil than god. In order to avoid any illusion about God, you should consider his manifestations. God’s manifestations are whatever he has created; any good or bad human, any animal and any particle in the universe. The entire world is the creator’s manifestation. How is it possible that one says I am praying to God and serving the creator while, somewhere and somehow, they do not love the creator’s manifestations, and feel disgust or anger?!

How can you serve God? By prayers?

Prayers are not considered as a service to God. Prayers are a tool for human’s development. We pray that our heart and vibration will get closer to God, and then this closeness will grant us a better vibration so that we can control our anger, pride and lust; besides, it enables us to serve humanity with divine vibration.

What kind of service do you mean?

The greatest service, is love inside our heart towards the whole universe and all the creatures.

What does love mean? What should be done as a kindness to others?

Love does not necessarily mean a physical action. Love is independent of anything or anyone. Love does not require any action. Love is actually "a quality in the heart"; what you have in your heart towards the world and people. The feeling in your heart is either affection and love, or anger, resentment, sadness, complaints, and thousands of other feelings that are not of love and affection.

When someone hurts us, should we still feel love for them in our heart?

There are problems in any relationship between two people. Even if someone did something bad and their bad action caused anger, sadness and grief in you, it shows that the power of affection and love in your heart is less than the harm or impact cause by them. Thus if someone upsets you, they show your weakness in boundless love. Consider a child occasionally insulting and even oppressing his mother. But as the mother's love is greater than the child's fault, she mostly ignores and continues to love in her heart. If the mother has limited love in her heart, she will clearly get hurt and suffer. Therefore, the limits and greatness of love should be increased so much that the whole world’s oppression is covered and do not fall out of the state of love and affection. This is God’s attribute and in order to reach God, you must be able to attain this Godly characteristic called "love and affection".

So should we not do any physical action to express love? For example, with our words, money or other physical helps?

There are thousands of people who provide financial help to others in order to go to heaven or do get rewards. There are thousands of people who do something for show-off and hypocrisy. There are thousands of people who cannot deeply find true love in their hearts and are filled with hatred, and only to hide their hatred, want to do something good that makes them feel better. So good actions may not create love or come from love. Donation of a great amount of money, can be made by a demon inside the donor. The result of the demon’s donation, will not be love or affection in the heart, and may even be a devil hidden in it.

What is Devil?

Devil is us “the human beings”; our thoughts, our selfishness, our anger and other evil qualities. No devil has ever killed a person, except this devil living inside human; and no imaginary devil from the upper or lower worlds is cruel to mankind, other than this humanoid devil.

Are you saying that there is no Devil and it is only us?

There is definitely Devil, but Devil can't do anything for human beings who is lost on earth because such human being, by himself, is an active manifestation of Devil. Devil becomes active when a person tries to purify and change and becomes a better person; this is when Devil may visit that person. At this point of time and place and on this planet and at this stage, we are indeed devils ourselves.

So are we devils who must be purified from Devil?

Yes, everybody is a set of earthly egos or so-called devil. But God’s seed exists inside everybody’s heart. This seed exists in every good and bad person’s heart. Anybody who waters their divine seed and divine nature and makes an effort, will be gradually on the divine growth path and their seed will grow as a result of knowledge and efforts. Thus, every part of this body, soul and spirit becomes a root of God's seed.

So should we curse Devil and pray to God?

This is an example of a devil who fights with another devil. A heart with the ability to curse cannot be a place for God.

So should we not curse Devil?

“A tree is known by its fruit(, and a man by his deeds)” Cursing, moaning and anger about others, pollutes yourself. The primary victim of anger is yourself. The primary victim of the curse is yourself. In our world, there are opium and poppy, which are opiate and harmful substances. Should it be cursed and wiped off the earth? No, this flower has therapeutic properties and is useful, thus the unhealthy idea of misusing this plant, should be wiped off. Hence the human beings should be mindful and use everything correctly.

Do you mean that Devil is helpful?

Every existence in the universe is God's creation. God has not created anything uselessly. There is nothing in the universe which is not serving God's commands and is out of God's control. But God's wisdom is not understandable for us. If you think that Devil acts without God's permissions and God has no control over him, you are very wrong. Devil (Satan) is permitted by God to rule the earth. Everything in the sky and the earth belongs to God, although most of the creatures do not understand this and do not know that they also act based on God's will and think that they are independent.

Do you mean that Devil is good?

No, I talked about God's wisdom not Devil's goodness. Devil tries to mislead mankind. Human beings also try to find the divine path. Due to Devil’s grudges, he tries to prevent man from finding the divine path and has been very successful. Devil pours his hatred and anger on the earth and people live according to his thoughts. We are though on the opposite side of Devil and have to pass over Devil to reach God.

Do we reach God if we hate Devil?

No, hatred is the devil himself! When you hate Devil or anything else in this world, you have brought Devil inside, so you are defeated by Devil. Devil is the force against us, and we must overcome him with kindness, love, affection, sacrifice, gratitude, contentment and benevolence; not with hatred, sadness, murder, anger, etc. Now let's look at a very small part of God's wisdom. Let's see the earth from above. The earth is under Devil’s control, and mankind with an atom of God in his heart, is ruled by Devil; besides, there is a heaven that is only full of God's presence and divine love. Anyone who sticks to God’s atom and can pass over all Devil’s temptations, will reach God. Now tell me, isn't Devil (Satan) the protector of the realms of heaven? If there was no Devil, wouldn't mankind destroy the realms of heaven? So Devil (Satan) believes that he is the enemy of mankind, but he is even the protector of heaven. I repeat again: Everything which exists in the world, is useful; because it is created by the divine wisdom and is under God’s control. Are you Muslim?

Definitely, we are Muslim; but when someone says they are Muslim, in the community, they differentiate their religion. There is no love in human’s religious differentiations. We are Muslim, we are also Christian. We are also Jewish, Hindu, Tibetan, Mayan, Sufi, etc. Every religion is a divine and sacred language. It doesn't matter whether you express the divine wisdom in English, Farsi or Arabic, as the only difference here is the language. Islam is the sacred divine language of Rasulullah. Khalilullah also has his sacred divine language; so does the religion of Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and other religions in the world. We should forget the language and just stick to God. Those who fight over different divine languages are great devils themselves. Which of these languages do you speak?

We are multilingual depending on our audience. If English speakers speak to us, we will speak English, for Farsi speakers, we speak in Farsi, and so on if we meet Jews, Christians and etc. But our mother tongue is Islam that we can speak more easily and comfortably, and prefer this language, unless the audience needs another language.

Do you mean that Jews are also good people?

Mankind lives in ignorance on earth. Either Jewish, Christian or Muslim. The divine religion of Islam, Christianity and Judaism has nothing to do with their followers. It is like someone cursing in Hebrew or a Muslim killing someone with Allahu Akbar and then you say Hebrew is not good or Islam is not good. Religions exist on earth and each one is a divine thread which came from the heaven to liberate man. The rope is not the goal, climbing the rope is the goal. Is alcohol or pork allowed in your ideology?

Everything on earth is useful for a purpose. You cannot tell whether exercise is beneficial. You can ask about the purpose. If the goal is health, exercise is beneficial. If the goal is to deteriorate and destroy the body, exercise is harmful. Alcohol is also useful for the temporary pleasure of the body and ego, but it is not useful for the exaltation of the soul.

Do you tell students not to drink alcohol?

No, we teach them to do everything consciously and be mindful not to deviate from their goal. We do not say what to eat or not, what to do or not; although, we teach them to improve their awareness and divine consciousness so that they can understand what is harmful or beneficial by themselves. Our goal is not to eat or forbid, we cannot make a list of what to eat or not, but by development of the soul and divine consciousness, everyone will understand what to do. It is the knowledge and spiritual growth that makes us free.

Don't you tell your students what is right or wrong?

Our goal is not to tell what is right or wrong or to limit people. If God wanted to create a human being with pure but limited actions, he could create the man in many restrictions. God created the man where there is too much diversity of everything. So if we tell you what to do or not, we create good deeds but not conscious people. The purpose of creation is the training of souls with great abilities and consciousness. Instead of telling you what to do or not, we show the path of soul growth and excellence. A small child who walks on all fours, picks up anything from the ground and eats it. An adult has intelligence. Do you tell an adult not to pick up and eat any garbage from the ground? No, they are grown-ups and it is very clear for them. So we put our effort on the physical health and development of the mind and soul.

What will be the result of the students' work? What do they achieve?

Working for rewards is a dark side of mankind. Animals also do everything for rewards. Achieving the spiritual excellence is not for the sake of anything and the goal is to reach nothing. “The reward of goodness is the goodness by itself. The achievement of anger is the anger by itself. The reward of love is the love by itself.”

Should everyone try to become God?

No, everyone should try to be at their best. You cannot be more than your maximum capacity. You cannot compete with others to become better than them. Competing does not cause any better results. Just be at your best, without comparing with others. Stop comparing yourself with others and eliminate it within yourself; only be at your best, regardless of others and circumstances. The Last Word

Anyone who tries to eliminate their pride, lust, anger, greed, selfishness, dependence, laziness and other earthly egos, is "a soul chosen by God". Anyone who is still happy with the world, worldly possessions and worldly splendors and sees his liberation and freedom in people, possessions and objects; their soul is not yet born.