External Services

External Services And Programs

At Marefat School, we are open to extend our well-being programs to serve communities, organizations, corporates, and institutions. Through our external services, we offer tailored programs and courses designed to enhance the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of your team members, employees, or members.

Meditation Sessions

Our experienced instructors lead guided meditation sessions tailored to provide a suitable theme for the needs and objectives of your organization. These sessions provide a valuable opportunity for participants to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and improve focus and productivity.


Tailored Programs

We collaborate with you to develop customized programs that address specific challenges or goals within your organization. Whether you're looking to enhance team cohesion, foster creativity, or promote work-life balance, our tailored programs can help you achieve your objectives.



Marefat School offers a range of courses covering various aspects of personal and professional development, including mindfulness, resilience, emotional awareness. These courses are delivered in flexible formats to accommodate the needs of your organization, whether it be through workshops, seminars, or online learning platforms.